SAHR creates inspiring and visionary concepts. We develop projects from idea to implementation. When we see a great opportunity, we make building blocks of rethorics, finances, politics, marketing and production to make things happen.


In SAHR, we only do projects we find fun, interesting and challenging. We hope our brains can develop as long as we live. If we keep identifying inspiring projects, our mission is to have fun while our hearts are beating.


To identify big opportunities, requires a sense of timing. In SAHR, we look at trends in markets as well as society and politics to create ideas and develop them to viable projects.


Our approach is to develop concepts based on a thorough contextual understanding. Once we get the full picture, we are able to develop creative ideas based on understanding and analysis. We believe our ideas is better because they are founded in analysis and inspired by creativity.


SAHR makes world class events and production. We do not only invent the event idea, but we finance and produce it. SAHR takes the full responsibility for all aspects of a major event, also the media production.


Producing live events when the world is watching, makes your blood runs fast. But telling stories of great personalities or mind blowing events also get us going. We write debate articles, scripts, make sports and music documentaries and help companies get their message through. No matter the media, its all about having a clear thought and be able to communicate it.


Through X Games and our partnership with ESPN, we have learned how to communicate in the world of social media. Making catered-to-user content in a fast progressing environment, has become a key know-how for SAHR. With X Games we have especially learned how to communicate with the young.


To communicate with music is a beautiful thing. Music can inspire our brains to understand and even perform better. Great music can trigger emotions in an unparalleled way. Music is also a lot of fun. In SAHR, we make music to our own productions. Its creative and fun, but also effective when used at its best.


It might be that SAHR is not the perfect match for you. But we can promise you a fun meeting and a new approach to your challenges if you give it a chance. It does not have to be a big project, our only requirement is that we can both thrive on it.